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How to Design the Perfect Date for the Perfect Prague Escort (No Matter What Your Perfect Is)

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So, you’ve finally mustered up the courage to place that call and get your dream girl date, you scamp! Now what…?

Depending on your preferences, dating prague escorts can easily, and simply, be the best night of your life. The whole idea behind hiring an escort service is pretty simple- you get exactly what you want.

So if you’re looking for a relaxing and romantic date night with any one of the stunning Prague escorts, you’ve come to the right post. While we don’t think for a second that you’ll need any tips on satisfying the ladies at the after party, you may want some good pointers on how to set the mood.

Prague has been touted by many to be one of the most romantic cities in Europe, and for great reason. Depending on the kind of night you’re looking for, or what your lady of choice will enjoy, Prague offers attractions for every soul.

The Party Animal

If you’re looking to paint the town red with any one of the beautiful Prague escorts, check out any one of these incredible hot spots for drinks, dancing, and sexy debauchery. Good enough to get your, and her, blood pumping.

  • Le Valmont
    • Le Valmont Club and Lounge is a great place to get in the mood and spend some time dancing, drinking, and taking in the sights of this turn of the century Parisian themed lounge. Craft cocktails and tasty treats for both the eyes and the mouth are sure to get the party started right.
  • Tynska Bar and Books
    • For the girl that loves to have a good time, but is also a bit of an intellectual, look no further than Tynska. The bar has a modern and intimate feel that oozes old time romance. The atmosphere is the perfect accompaniment to great conversation and expertly made cocktails.
  • Red Pif
    • Currently the top wine bar in Prague, Red Pif is a favorite for locals and Prague escorts. The food is absolutely delightful and meant for intimate sharing, while the environment is classy, but casually comfortable.

The Romantic Naturalist

Spend the evening and night taking in any of the incredible gardens, parks, and romantic bridges throughout the city. A quiet evening with a romantic walk through the dreamily lit city streets is enough to get anyone in the mood for love.

  • Petrin Park
    • Petrin Park is a massive natural habitat with numerous walking trails and beautiful scenery. Perfect for a mid evening stroll, hand in hand to break the ice with the warmth of the cherry groves. A Statue of the poet KarelHynekMacha is a local place of romantic legend.
  • Vitkov
    • Take a small hike up this hill of Prague and prepare yourself, and your sweetie for beautiful views of the city. Pack a bottle of wine and some tapas to have a small picnic while you enjoy each others company from the comfort of each other’s arms.
  • Mala Strana District
    • Palaces with centuries old and perfectly preserved architecture cascade over the paths of the beautifully hushed baroque gardens give you and any Prague escort that you’s like to impress quiet moments alone to get to know one another amongst trailing vines and bright flowers.

The Foodie

There’s a reason that taking your best gal out to fine restaurants is a go to choice for encouraging first date finery. The intimate atmospheres that engage each and every sense is the perfect way to get to know someone quickly, few things say luxury like expertly designed cuisine and a fine bottle of wine. Let’s be real, is there anything more sensual than watching a fine woman eat incredible food and enjoy herself?

  • Celeste Restaurant
    • Celeste restaurant offers diners a 360 degree, unobstructed view of the city’s infinitely stunning skyline. Try not to get too swept up in the breathtaking scene, because the High windows and cleverly designed restaurant is just a hint at what’s in store. French may be the language of love, but that language is never more clearly understood than in their food. With innovative and seductive meals that finish you off by feeding each other berries and cream before you even get started.
  • U ModreKachnicky
    • An excellent find for those seeking to experience the beauty of Prague without all of the fuss of tourism. Located off of a small backstreet in the Mala Strana District (see above), this restaurant delivers on the beautiful and understated finery of turn of the century Prague, from their flambe duck to the stunning old world charm of the baroque
  • Kampa Park
    • Kampapark is located right on the river next to one of the most famous bridges in Prague. The perfect way to end (or begin) a romantic stroll is by stopping at Kampa Park. Elegantly prepared and exceptional course meals are a must for any seafood lover. While the stunning river view and exceptional food won’t be the prettiest things in the room, we know that any Prague escort would appreciate them.