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Doing away with “Bro Culture” Could Change Things in the Dating Industry

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Mandy Ginsberg is only a few days into her new job as Match Group’s CEO, and she is already in the middle of a continuing legal battle with Bumble that saw the dating firms fight for control of the online adult dating industry.

It’s almost a year since Ginsberg took over Match Group’s pool of online dating platforms but the litigations still in progress. Speaking at the IGNITION 2018 seminar by Business Insider’s, the CEO said that the dating space is “fiercely competitive,” but has been dominated by Match Group-owned Tinder.

“Tinder was a game changer … people in their 20s never used dating apps till Tinder,” Ginsberg said. “We have to safeguard our innovations.”

Match Group took legal action against Bumble in July for bootlegging its patented “swiping” method that has turned out to be an essential and widely used tool by dating apps. The two firms are fierce counterparts. Perhaps the beef goes back to the old rivalry—let’s not forget that Bumble’s founders were ex-Tinder employees, and multiple lawsuits have been exchanged back and forth.

All the same, Match Group remains the largest online dating merchant account owner and was anticipated to reach $1.7 billion in 2018 cheers to its collection of dating apps including OkCupid, Plenty of Fish,, Tinder and Hinge. Tinder alone has approximately 50 million users who are way above Bumble’s 37 million users.

Tinder’s has a crew of over 300 experts working exclusively on the app to keep it, Ginsberg said. Match Group as one has over 1,000 staff— a large team in which Ginsberg has promoted gender equality. The CEO stated that she recently mandated an audit of Match Group to make sure male and female workers were receiving equal salaries for the same work.

“There’s too much work we do as a firm and as a sector to ensure all gender in understated societies are being represented.”

Although the audit team found that the workers were paid equally regardless of gender, Ginsberg feels the firm “can still do better.” Match Group has 40 percent, female staff.

The bottom line

While other company CEO’s may be reluctant to make significant internal changes so fast, Ginsberg said she isn’t afraid of “disrupting” the industry. According to Ginsberg doing away with the “bro culture” in technology could “change the entire landscape.”

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